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Streaming “One In A Million” by Aaliyah: the label abandons the merchandise

Blackground 2.0, the record company responsible for Aaliyah’s 1996 classic album One in a million on streaming, has now commemorated the release with a new merch. The collection includes a baseball jersey, sweatpants and even a sports bra, reminiscent of Aaliyah’s iconic uniform. You can check out the items on the Blackground Records website.

Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson is the co-founder of Blackground and has announced plans to have the rest of the late singer’s catalog streamed in the near future. While he said he wanted to “keep his legacy alive,” Aaliyah’s mother and brother, who run Aaliyah’s estate, criticized his decisions, writing in a statement:

“Now, in this 20th year, this unscrupulous effort to release Aaliyah’s music without any transparency or accountability to the succession compels our hearts to speak one word: forgiveness. While we will continue to defend ourselves and his legacy in a legal and fair manner, we want to anticipate the inevitable attacks on our character by all those individuals who have come out of the shadows to get rid of the lifelong work. of Aaliyah.

That didn’t stop fans from enjoying One in a million on services like Apple Music and Spotify. Meanwhile, the estate has claimed control of Aaliyah’s YouTube channel.