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Supreme Record label welcomes budding reggaeton star Boriko

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PELT, BELGIUM, March 13, 2022 / — Supreme Record Label welcomes its newest addition to the family, Diego Perez, aka “Boriko”.

Born and raised in the infamous neighborhood of Añaza, on the beautiful island of Tenerife, Spain, Boriko has built a respectable street reputation by showcasing his exceptional talent in freestyle and singing for 13 years.

At 18, he moved to the capital to live with his aunt and decided he was going to make it in the industry. His aunt was one of the main pillars of his lifestyle change as she believed and trusted him. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, his aunt died when Boriko was only 20 years old. After completing his studies, he moved to the Netherlands.

The stage name “Boriko” comes from her grandfather which was also passed down to her father. It was a name that supported a tribe in Equatorial Guinea and had great significance for Boriko.

Supreme Record Label CEO Adam Kelman is thrilled that the label is representing Boriko as a new artist, saying “He puts his soul into his work. By creating his music, the music creates itself.”

As CEO of several companies, Kelman holds the Supreme Record Label most sacred. He believes in the importance of trusting and supporting today’s young artists to help them realize their dreams. This is what makes Supreme Record Label special. Kelman compares Boriko to a fictional character named “Choco” played by Reggaeton star Tego Calderon in the 2007 film “Illegal Tender.” As a young man, Choco was a “gentle hustler”, who grew up wise as he could quickly discern his path to success and was able to live an incredible life through his passion for creating music.

“Sometimes you have to give a little to earn more, and also maintain the goals and visions you want to achieve.” says Kelman. He always had an interest in Latin music like reggaeton and moombahton which eventually led him to Boriko. He remembers watching one of Boriko’s clips for the first time and once wanting to meet him personally after seeing the first 10 seconds of the clip.

Supreme Record Label is coming out strong this year as they now proudly represent two of their strongest artists: Boriko for reggaeton and Miss Cheri for dancehall and many other genres. This year, Kelman is looking to focus largely on building both artists’ brands and maximizing their growth potential.

Supreme Record Label will release two highly anticipated official music videos for Boriko and Miss Cheri very soon. Fans will no doubt love their new material: hot new tracks, incredible choreography, filmed in the most breathtaking locations. As their highly motivated CEO puts it, “We don’t swim with sharks, we fly above eagles”.

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