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Teenage Musician Releases 3 Songs From Home Recording Studio

Krista Šujak, a 14-year-old musician from Malta, has released three songs, and she does so from a recording studio built in her own bedroom.

Music has been central to Krista’s life since the age of five. And with good reason. Her talents and hard work have led her to appear in several local and foreign festivals, including Junior Sanremo in Italy.

But her career took off in earnest after she embarked on a music production course two years ago. A journey that motivated her enough to build her own recording studio at home.

It was only then that she was able to produce her first song – Ghalik Missier (For You Father) – which she unveiled on Father’s Day in 2021.

Later that year, she launched Bl-Indipendenza (With Independence), which was performed live at the Konkonrs Kanzunetta Indipendenza Junior (2021), reaching the final round.

Earlier this month, however, Krista released her third – Help Her. A song she wrote when she was only 11 years old but had been put aside for lack of resources to produce it.

Launching the song came with its own challenges. Because even though she wrote it, its production – which included a music video – required regular input from a music industry expert residing in Argentina.

And that meant it was all done through a series of calls and online correspondence, centered around busy work and school schedules, and of course, COVID-19 related hiccups.

“Help Her is about loneliness and isolation from the world, and for that reason it was titled ‘Help Her’. So that we remember not to overlook anyone who may be in this situation.

“It was quite difficult to manage everything because we were both very busy. But I am satisfied, Krista told Lovin Malta. “I’m happy to see there’s an improvement with every new song.”

” I still have a lot to learn. But each production is an experience in itself. By having my own studio, I can also record vocals, in addition to my own harmonies, which include choirs. And I can spend hours in the studio experimenting with different styles.

Help Her became his first single accessible from Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, TikTok and a host of other platforms.

Krista has launched a potentially colorful musical career on our Maltese shores, and as she dedicates more time to her craft, we can now expect more of her beautiful works to hit our ears in the months to come.

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