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“There is not a huge need for a label or a brand to support artists,” says Shamir Tandon!

Shamir Tandon insists on the importance of innovating and thinking upstream in order to stand out. The man who wore several hats shares his experiences for young people who have two ideas about music.

From corporate boss to musical director and composer to curator, Shamir Tandon has always believed strongly in innovation. In a conversation, he also shared that the learnings studied in the business management space were felt more in real life through experiences, especially when he encountered a situation with Asha Bhosle Ji, decades ago. He shared the experience where Asha Ji had to sing a song, while she was in the United States. At first she was quite hesitant, but then she took a firm stand and decided to go into the studio and do the dynamics individually and independently. It was a phenomenon over a decade ago that was very new. At that point, he realized that it is always important to take a step and think ahead.

With the same zeal, he motivates young people in various aspects of life. It is commendable that a person from a simple middle class family with no musical background or Bollywood connection gets international accolades and also wins international awards and represents India on global platforms. He truly believes that music has no borders, no limits and therefore shouldn’t have any apprehensions either. Today the industry has struggled due to the current situation, but in the times to come it will run as before, as if nothing had happened.

Speaking of motivating young people, Shamir Tandon shares, “These are tough times and it puts each of us to the test. The good part is that today we have so many streaming platforms and digital platforms that we can organize music and showcase our talent. There is not a huge need for a label or a brand to support artists. For young people today, it is advisable to remain calm, to exercise your skills, to motivate yourself, to identify your hidden talent. When the door opens to opportunities, their zeal, enthusiasm and skills will get them where you want to be ”.

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