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Turn your iPhone into a recording studio with the new Rode AI-Micro interface

Well-known audio hardware maker Rode has just released the affordable AI-Micro, a compact dual-channel interface for recording on a mobile device or computer. Using the little gadget, one or two mini microphones, headphones, and a choice of apps, your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook becomes a mobile audio recording studio.

Rode equipment often returns in Mac CultCoverage of setups, especially when podcasting is the topic. This equipment is generally more of the office variety. The AI-Micro mounted looks like an ideal part of a rig for recording on the go. Have a USB-C port, will travel!

Rode AI-Micro dual channel recording interface

You can save directly to a MacBook just as easily as an iPhone or iPad.
Photo: Rode

The company said it was targeting the AI-Micro for mobile journalists and content creators like podcasters. The unit has two auto-sensing inputs for connecting 3.5mm microphones, a high-power headphone output and a universal USB output for use with a variety of devices on all operating systems .

The AI-Micro has two microphone inputs with high quality preamps. It can record 24bit / 48kHz high resolution audio. Auto-sensing inputs detect whether a TRS or TRRS microphone is connected and automatically adapt to fit, with no adapters required.

And when you only need a single microphone, one of the inputs can detect it and configure itself as a single TRS stereo input.

The device also has a high-power headphone output for latency-free audio monitoring and playback.

Universal USB output, plug-and-play, application support

The included connectors allow you to work with different devices.
The included connectors allow you to work with different devices.
Photo: Rode

Rode designed the AI-Micro to connect to smartphones, tablets and computers via its universal USB output. This helps make it plug-and-play compatible with iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android devices. It comes with USB-A, USB-C, and Lightning cables.

Compact and lightweight, the AI-Micro weighs less than 20 grams.

You can use the AI-Micro with the Rode suite of applications, including Rode Central and Rode Reporter. This gives you access to extended features and functionality, on-the-fly configuration and recording on any device.

The interface is compatible with Rode Connect, the Australian company’s free podcasting and streaming software for Mac and Windows.

Price: $ 79

Or buy: Mounted (website redirects to your choice of retailer based on your location)

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