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US Record Label Uses NFC to Authenticate and Link Vinyl Albums to NFT Digital Assets • NFCW

UNIQUE: An NFC tag embedded in the vinyl allows shoppers to access an NFT tied to digital assets

Music fans, investors and collectors who buy exclusive limited edition vinyl albums released by an American company vinyl key can authenticate their purchase, register proof of ownership and link to unique digital assets by tapping an NFC tag embedded in the physical album with their smartphone.

The NFC tag gives buyers access to a blockchain-enabled non-fungible token (NFT) that links to assets such as digital artwork, photographs, videos, and other content created to accompany each release. individual.

Vinylkey pioneered the technology with a specially crafted one-off copy of the ‘Live from Blackalachia’ album by the musician and storyteller Moses Sumney which links to an NFT video showing the artist hand-pressing the vinyl record at a pressing plant.

“For artists, Vinylkey serves as a tool for ongoing royalties and connecting fans with NFT owners; and for music fans, it provides a unique form of collectible equipped with lasting proof of authenticity and ownership, says Vinylkey.

How it works

The vinyl record is “connected to an NFT by pressing it with a unique visual pattern and incorporating an NFC tag. Tapping on the record using most Android and iOS phones will take you to a webpage displaying its information NFT and proprietary related,” the company explains.

“The NFT represents the physical album in two different ways. The first way is that the album contains an NFC tag with a unique number like a car VIN. This unique number can be read by your phone by touching the center of the ‘album.

“The second way is that each album is pressed in a visually unique way and the photos in the album are stored on IPFS immutable file storage.

“The NFC chip also serves as an anti-counterfeiting method. It’s easy to copy a QR code and make a copy of a treasured album. NFC chips come from the factory with a built-in ID number, so it takes much more effort to clone them.

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