What is the best type of personal financing in the market? If you ask yourself this question, in order to have the right answer you have to make another easy answer: Why am I going to make this a financing or take interest money? The request for financial resources must be acquired with responsibility and calculation of their benefit and need. For example, a personal loan at the bank to fund a tourism trip, is it not better to talk to your manager and see what investments your bank offers for your income range so that in a given time you have the cash in sight?

But the actions work something like this: I got tired of this car, will I change it and if I make a personal financing or loan at the bank to buy a new one? You should analyze in the case of this example if the car no longer meets your needs, if the model does not offer minimal safety items for the present, it is devaluing very fast and things like that.

I tired of this refrigerator, but this is not what should be taken into account, it should be taken into account relevant information as it is outdated and so it consumes a lot of energy, breaks a lot, has expensive maintenance or has become small in the space for my needs , for example in the case of one more member in the family.

When choosing the best financing, one must pay attention to the interest rate of the installments and what the end will be given to the money, since most banks have own lines for each destination, either to buy a house of their own, to buy an appliance , a computer or a car, has one type for each of those choices.
For each type of personal financing there will be variation in interest rates from one bank to another and often significantly, but it is always interesting to negotiate with your bank manager. For the most common cases of need of money to greet card debt or overdraft, the best financing is payroll deductible credit, for sure your bank has that modality, the problem is that it does not suit any applicant, rates interest rates are very low.

For the purchase of a car, some automakers have their own financing banks just for that, and are the best rates on the market? It depends!

If you are a businessman, be it micro, small, medium or large and you need borrowed money to grow your company business, buy machinery or hire qualified personnel, what is the best financing ? There are lines of credit from the BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) that are granted either for private growth or when resources are used in collaboration of the development of projects that contribute to technology, social or cultural project, etc. See also how to obtain credit from BNDES and Microcredit?, Loan for companies in banks, 3 FINEP credit programs for companies, How to obtain credit from PROGER to company.

If the contractor is from the farm, the BNDES also has financing for family farming and basic sanitation.

If the contractor is from the farm, the BNDES also has financing for family farming and basic sanitation.

On the website of the Central Bank (BC) you can see a detailed list of the comparisons between interest rates of the different credit lines of all Brazilian banks, this list accompanied by a good conversation with your manager may be the solution for you to choose your best financing .