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Which Nigerian record label boss did Chuddy K refer to during his interview?

During the interview, he noted that “A record company boss once paid radio stations not to play my song, Slow Slow because they said I looked like his artist… You all know him.”

Not Chukwudi Ken Agali, Chuddy released his mainstream single, ‘Slow Slow’ in 2009. Just a year earlier, a certain Coal Wande burst onto the Nigerian music scene on Mo’Hits Records, like a meteor. Through Curriculum vitae album on his label, he consistently produced moments of immense brilliance.

In 2009 – the same year that saw Chuddy K’s mainstream moment, Wande Coal released his critically acclaimed classic album, Mushin To Mo’Hits. Immediately, comparisons were made between the two artists. They shared similar vocal texture and falsetto tendencies. They also shared a similar technique, breath control and flow patterns.

Immediately, the rumor spread that the two artists were members of Hello Boz, an a capella group from redeemed christian church of god (RCCG).

Talk with REPORT in 2012, he says, ““I had to overcome challenges before I could earn my place in the industry. In fact, some people thought I was copying Wande. I remembered my first stage performance, someone threw a bag of water at me and told me I was copying WC. But that’s all gone now because people know me now, they rely on my brand now, so that’s the good thing about that.

“The fights are happening now, we are humans. I don’t want to blame anyone. 40 friends can’t live together for 40 years, but everyone has to do their thing.”

Chuddy K then released ‘Gaga Crazy’ in 2012 – it became a mega hit. He also released his first album.

In a 2018 interview with Punch, Chuddy K, who has become rare in the Nigerian music industry, noted that he quit because of his children.

It should also be noted that Salvation Boiz had separated long before Wande Coal was discovered by Don Jazzy and D’Banj, during a visit to the University of Lagos.

In 2013, tensions seemed to have eased between the two camps, with Wande Coal and Chuddy K sharing a stage. As reported by Osagie Alonge for REPORT, the two singers showed up for Terry’s Book of Ginjah album launch at Today’s Dome in Abuja on July 5, 2013.

Which record label boss is he talking about?

All fingers point to Don Jazzy. However, Impulse cannot confirm the accuracy of Chuddy K’s comments.