Recording studio

Young dad-to-be shot leaving Queens recording studio

A 21-year-old man was shot and killed leaving a recording studio in Queens early Monday, police said.

Tyda Darden was shot in the head outside the studio on Wyckoff Ave. near Schaefer St. in Ridgewood around 1:25 a.m. He died at the scene.

There was no immediate arrest and the motive was unclear. Police recovered numerous .22 caliber shell casings and said it appears there was an exchange of gunfire, with at least two guns involved.

Surveillance video shows a man with a gun fleeing the scene.

Sources said Darden, who lives in Brooklyn, is expecting a child with his girlfriend.

He was a member of the Structure Gang and was arrested with a loaded firearm in 2020, according to cops. He was out on gun bail and was due back in court later this month, according to public records.

The building where Darden was killed houses other businesses, including a studio where Woodrow Allbright, 50, records a podcast, “Brooklyn General Zone,” which discusses gun violence and other issues facing young New -Yorkers.

“My thing is that these kids don’t have resources,” he said. “The only thing they have is their voice. A lot of them talk out of anger, or whatever emotional point of view they’re from or whatever they’re going through and they’re going through it. put into their music.

“None of these children are born bad, he added. “But with the environment they’re in, they’re conditioned to grow up and look like what they see.”