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Zayn Malik reportedly ditched by label, managers and sponsors amid Yolanda Hadid accusations – The Madison Leader Gazette

This is not good for Zayn Malik following his alleged physical altercation with Yolande Hadid.

According to reports, the A direction alum was dropped by his label, RCA, and his manager amid the backlash against him due to the reported confrontation between the singer and his child’s grandmother.

Interestingly, however, RCA’s decision to drop the 28-year-old came before his fight with Yolanda. A source from the music industry said The sun that Zayn was boxed for “unmanageable”, explaining:

“A lot of people desperately tried to get Zayn’s life and career back on track, but nothing worked. So many people who worked with him just gave up. He’s almost impossible to control or guide. A while ago her label quietly decided that this was the end of their relationship, and now this.

While Zayn’s musical career may already have been in jeopardy, with reports of his alleged confrontation with Gigi hadidThe mom’s – for whom he has since been charged with four counts of harassment – has only made matters worse.

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An insider said Two me that Zayn also lost his leadership and upcoming brand deals due to the alleged incident, sharing:

“His record company wasn’t the only one to give up on him… his management and some upcoming brand partnerships and agreements also pulled out of Zayn’s sponsorship… He had another partnership with a luxury clothing brand, but they recently withdrew and advised others to do so. the same.”

Meanwhile, a source said Radar that the Pillow talk the singer has been getting out of control for some time now due to his ‘personal demons’, revealing:

“Zayn has had personal demons for some time. Substance abuse – especially marijuana and cocaine – and alcohol. At the same time, he suffers from anxiety and struggles with fame. When all of these are combined, it’s a recipe for disaster. He is known to have acted constantly – and is erratic. “

The insider went on to say that Gigi and Yolanda have tried to support him for years in the hope that he can bring about a positive change, adding:

“Yolanda and the family were very supportive of Zayn and those ‘demons.’ From an early age he was the thug and renegade of One Direction. The party, mixed with the taste of stardom, was a horrific combination.”

As we reported, Yolanda accused Zayn of physically assaulting her during an argument at her and Gigi’s home in Pennsylvania on September 29. Real housewives alum claimed the British artist called her a “f ** king dutch slut” before telling her to “stay away from [my] f ** king girl.

According to legal documents, Zayn then “pushed [Yolanda] in a dresser causing mental anguish and physical pain. Gigi was reportedly in Paris at the time but was able to hear the alleged altercation over the phone. At one point, the crooner reportedly yelled at his then-girlfriend to “tie up f ** king balls and defend your partner against your f ** king mother in my house”.

Zayn has denied the allegations that he hit Yolanda. For the moment, he is still represented by an agent at CAA and a publicist – who is probably working overtime as this story continues to unfold.


[Image via Zayn Malik/Instagram]

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