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Zedd has a recording studio hidden on the VALORANT Breeze map

Zedd Easter Eggs keep arriving.

Riot Games has teamed up with the world famous DJ to design VALUINGSpectrum Collection’s, which was released earlier this week. And the new skin pack includes plenty of hidden features, like agents tapping their fingers on the music, a weapon buddy that tells the time, and a light show for a finishing animation. A fan-watcher found another nod to Zedd on Breeze in the form of a recording studio, posting their findings last night.

The squads appearing on the forwards side of Breeze undoubtedly heard the typical tropical air of the map, which emanates from Rudy’s record store. But the song is now mixed with the Spectrum Collection theme song to further promote vibrant cosmetics. A closer look at the store, however, reveals a decorated recording studio for Zedd.

Fans who use Ghost Mode to enter the studio can see a mixer, numerous speakers, piano, gold and platinum records hanging on the wall, and Zedd’s logo on the front and back. center. There is also a tactibear that hides right next to a vintage guitar. While there are plenty of Easter Eggs hidden in Spectrum skins, Riot took it a step further by adding one to a map.

The Riot and Zedd collaboration appears to be very successful, producing stellar cosmetics at a steep price point. The Spectrum Collection will be available in the store for two weeks and includes skins for the Classic Pistol, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and a melee weapon. Fans can pick up the entire pack for 10,700 VP or choose to hook up the weapons individually for 2,675 VP and the Waveform melee for 5,350 VP.

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