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Zimbabwe: Navygeta opens recording studio

Afro fusion artist Tinashe Navonika, also known as Navygeta, has created a new recording stable called Navy Recordz in Malborough, Harare, which will help upcoming artists.

Speaking to The Herald Arts, Navonika said the studio’s main goal is to bring exciting sounds to Zimbabwe.

“Owning a studio has been a dream of mine since discovering my passion for music,” said Navonika. “I got the motivation to open the studio after visiting other studios and realizing it could be done.”

Navonika said that since the studio officially opened, various artists have been recording there. “Since the studio opened we have had artists like Maskiri, Bazooker, Van Choga, Tunga T (from maFriq), Wadiwa Music, Dancehall Kedha, Feli Nandi, Slikish from Ghana myself.”

Navonika said the studio was the start of big things, but like any business they faced challenges.

“I believe that by opening this studio the music industry is moving towards bigger things and that I have brought my own part to the industry,” he said.

“The biggest challenge we face is mainly marketing. Our team is still small, but we hope to recruit more hands to become a full-fledged record company.”

Navonika urged companies to collaborate with musicians during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As an artist, and with the pandemic still going on, getting shows has become a challenge, which shows the problem of putting money on an artist’s table,” he said.

“I think the arts sector should have more virtual shows during times like these, collaborations within companies and artists will also boost the sector in tremendous ways. We also need to look at how the industry can increase our GDP. “

Navonika has said he is working on new music to be released before the end of this month.

“I’m working on an EP called ‘Ndione’ which will be released in December, I’ve been working on it for a very long time,” he said.

“‘Ndione’ is about someone who wishes to have a little glimpse of his future, the current situation is daunting, so he wishes to see what his future will look like, hoping that what awaits him will be better.

“Working with other artists has been a good experience. You can challenge yourself to sing with greats. Sometimes it’s surreal to do certain collaborations, to meet your idols up close and to work together. You learn a lot. and hear how others are doing on their musical journeys. “