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Zola 7 Reveals How Lance Stehr’s Label Tried To Destroy His Career SA Hip Hop Mag

Zola 7 reveals how Lance Stehr’s label tried to destroy his career. Zola 7 has been through tough times with his health and especially financial struggles, but with the support of his peers in the industry, the rapper has managed to get his energetic life back.

Zola 7 reveals how Lance Stehr’s label tried to destroy his career

During an interview with MacG on Podcast And Chill, the rapper opened up about how his former label tried to destroy his career. Zola 7 can be seen emotionally addressing himself in a video that has gone viral on social media.

He revealed the music executive was paying people, especially his baby mama, to “speak badly” of him. “I ended up in court at one point with this boy who, by the way, happened to work with Lance with one of my baby mamas,” he said. Responding to how his baby mama was trying to destroy him, the rapper said; “uLance was paying them to (speak badly of me) because I left the record company.

Zola continued and mentioned that he even saw the contract his baby mama signed to start a smear campaign against him. “I even saw the contract and the contract was from Media24”, Zola said. “So when I left the company, people started attacking me directly because they were being paid elsewhere.”

The rapper further explained how this decision later affected his baby mama, as she was the one who started to suffer financially. “They did not understand everything, say like the baby mama and then you attack me at some point we will see the results, and the people who pay you to attack me will not always be there you will end up with me against the problems with the child and the people who pay you will not always be there.“He explained.

Despite many problems with the label, Zola is still loved by many brands in Mzansi. Singer Kwaito is set to receive his Lifetime Achievement Award in November. In an interview, Perfecta Malinga, CEO of MKHMA, said that Zola should be honored.

“We’ve decided to honor him while he’s alive, give him the lifetime achievement award, and tell him we love him and respect what he’s done, not just for the music industry. music but for SA”, Malinga said.